57 Friar Gate Dental Practice can offer you a full range of treatments to create the smile you've always dreamed.

We can offer :
It is possible to enhance your smile and offer excellent cosmetic dental results using composite (white) fillings. This is minimally invasive and often can be carried out without the need to numb you up or even use the drill.

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White Fillings
There are a wide array of cosmetic fillings available in our practice. We are able to not only match the shade of your teeth but correct for enamel and dentine shade variations separately. As a practice, we have had to attend many courses on application and cosmetic smile enhancements around the world to allow us to deliver the most appropriate result for your situation.

These are thin shells of porcelain, like false fingernails, which are glued onto your teeth to cover poor fillings, stains, chipped or crooked teeth. More information

If you have any gaps between your teeth which cause you to hate smiling, then we can reduce the gap and enhance your appearance! More information

Porcelain and Composite Inlays
Inlays are traditionally made from impressions in a dental laboratory. This has the advantage of usually being made to higher strengths and for the clinician to spend less time in your mouth building fillings up. Porcelain (and it's many incarnations) has an unmatched finish. Composite is also being used in what we called indirect restorations (made outside the practice i.e. - a laboratory). Although not as strong as porcelain its appearance and adjustability make it very biocompatible.

Cosmetic dentistry, from tooth whitening to the use of veneers have become commonplace options in the correction and enhancement of natural teeth. Digital imaging by the laboratory to the use of CGI in the demonstration of our procedures place our patients confident and informed well before carrying out any treatments.



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