Fees for Dentist in Derby

price list
From 1st August 2016
Examination and Diagnosis
  Crowns and Bridges (Based on Material)
Extensive Examination (New Patient)
  Crown (bonded)
from £530.00
2 Year+ Lapsed Examination
  All Porcelain
from £570.00
6 Monthly Routine Examination
  Bonded bridgework per tooth unit
Scale and Polish Hygienist (max 20mins)
  Cast post
from £89.78
Scale and Polish Hygienist (max 30mins)
from £520.00
Simple Sscale at Exam (Dentist)
  Inlay (Prices based on type and make)
from £390.00
Small X-ray 1
  Re-Cement of a Crown/Veneer/Inlay/Bridge
Broken Appt. 20 mins
Broken Appt. 30 mins
  Full Dentures
  Full Upper or Full Lower Acrylic from £490.00
  Full Upper or Full Lower Chrome from £850.00
  Inclusive of special tray impressions, high quality Bioplus teeth or equivalent and contoured and stippled gumwork as requested.
Simple (per tooth)
from £120.00
Surgical extractions
from £185.00
  Partial Dentures
  Acrylic (Plastic)  
Fillings (Amalgam and Tooth Coloured)
  1 - 4 Teeth
from £190.00
Fillings are priced according to the number of
surfaces they cover and depending on materials
    5+ Teeth
from £236.00
Small Filling from £50.00   Chrome Cobalt (Metal)
from £900.00
Medium Filling from £110.00      
Large Filling from £190.00   Denture Repair
Root Fillings
from £220.00
from £285.00
  A laboratory constructed sports mouthguard including name insert and carry case. Various colours available  
from £361.00
from £85.00
from £120.00
£420.00 - £550.00
  (Depending on Colours)  
(Two types of Bleaching Systems are Available) Please ask for details
from £2450.00
(There may be additional charges in complex
cases. You will be informed of these following


These prices are intended as a guide to our current fees. Treatment costs may vary according to the complexity of work. A printed treatment plan and cost estimate will be available to patients after examination. A deposit will usually be payable at this time. Please note that interest-free monthly payment options are available for treatments that exceed £500, Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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