New Patients
New Patients are always very welcome. If you wish to call or visit our long established, spacious and modern practice; you will be welcomed by our team at reception. They will be able to answer your questions or queries and talk you through the way in which we work and how we plan to address your specific needs and requirements.

57fg Dental Practice offers a selection of dental care plans that are available to our existing and our new patients:

As a Denplan Practice, we offer Britain's most popular dental care payment plan. There are a few different plans available to you. Depending on your suitability, and the plan you feel would best suit your needs, it will be possible to divide the cost of routine dental care (dental check-ups and hygiene visits) or comprehensive dental care (routine dental care and the maintenance of existing restorative treatments) into a monthly budgeting plan or a monthly maintenance plan. As a Denplan member you will also be entitled to a 10% discount applied to any future treatment, whether routine or cosmetic.

Routine dental care and treatment that is provided, is paid for as each appointment is completed.

Whether you decide to become a member of a dental care plan or wish to register and remain on as a private patient; we encourage you to attend routine dental care appointments so that your dental needs can be assessed, monitored and preventatively treated.

When considering the cost of any treatment, please note that we offer an (IFC) Interest-free credit, monthly payment plan for treatments that exceed £500, which is Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our reception will be glad to explain exactly how this works and help set this up for you.

If you choose to join our practice you will find that:

  1. We keep to time. Over the past 10 years we have very rarely run late with our appointment times.
  2. We promise to book you in within 24 hours for any emergencies.
  3. All options available to you will be explained before we commence any treatment.
  4. We value your individuality. And as such will listen to YOUR need and wishes.

57 Friar Gate, Dental Practice, Derby, DE1 1DF, Tel: 01332 344602,