Why did we choose to become a Private Dental Practice

At the very beginning we had an idea. A progressive long-term view on how we wish to work with our patients. Our location and qualifications were not enough to satisfy this goal. We wanted to treat our patients how we might wish to be treated ourselves at a dental practice.

The first aim was to give the patients the ability to be seen by the dental team as quickly as possible and the flexibility of catering to a preferred time and day to suit their specific needs. No waiting lists or incompatible times would be tolerated. For this to be possible, we had to be able to work efficiently, keeping our patient list limited, meeting the whole cross section of our existing client base’s expectations to the very best of our ability.

The next target was to offer the greatest quality of tried and tested  dental materials available (e.g. the best composites – white fillings, impression matierials etc.) that we had selected based on aesthetics, reliability, resilience and ability to achieve guaranteed superior results repeatedly. We also wanted to utilise the very best laboratories when manufacturing our crowns, dentures and implants. We wanted first-time success when fitting with close to 100% patient and dentist satisfaction with respect to appearance and function. Only the best and most efficient handpieces and burs (cutting tips) would be used for restoration and preparation of teeth (all with fibre optic illumination and the quietest on the market). The selection process for this criteria took a very long time to achieve. Many dental laboratories were rejected due to failure to meet strict selection criteria. Filling materials were tested (in vitro) and eliminated down to a few from over 100. This process is by no means complete. Even after having achieved the goals we set out to attain, we realise the marketplace is continually changing. Existing services and products will sometimes let us down while improved ones will emerge. It is up to your clinical team to keep on their toes and keep up with the times and offer the very best to you as patients.

This then is the reason why we chose to be a private practice. Not just a private practice but one that our patients can be proud to say that delivers. One that repeatedly sets to challenge what many of us have come to tolerate as the inevitable poor performance of service industries today. As a health sector section of the industry, we choose not to blindly follow what is expected of us. We will meet all our professional obligatory criteria but also to choose to put it in a real word context. Speed, efficiency, wide knowledge and practical experience in all materials available for a given treatment, critical auditing of laboratories and dental subsectors and repeated evaluation of all of these.