March 2015 @ 57FriarGate. com

This month has seen some great upgrades to our practice.

We have invested in a 50″ Bang & Olufsen screen for our main surgery. This helps us demonstrate proposed treatment in CGI form, display and explain your digital x-rays and show you both live and still intraoral imaged of your mouth.

We have purchased and installed a Kavo intraoral high definition camera (the best in the market) to allow us to capture intra and extra oral images. This will magnify images onscreen so we can show you what we see and explain treatments more effectively.

Surgery 1 has had a new operating light from Kavo. This a multi-point LED unit that increases visibility for the operator several fold while avoiding shadowing. It has the ability to switch colour to a yellow lamp which will prevent white fillings (composites) from setting under natural light, allowing us to spend longer building up fillings. This unit is also daylight corrected to achieve shade matching more accurately.

We have purchased a air-abrasion unit for non invasive dental preparation and stain removing. This unit can be used without the need for local anaesthetic. It works by acceleration fine particles of aluminium oxide through a thin nozzle to carry our minor abrasion and pre-cosmetic preparations on enamel. The unit was purchased from USA and is a valued addition to our ever increasing compliment of dental instrumentation.

We hope that these changes both improve your experience with us and also prove to increase your awareness of the reasons for your treatment plan.